Muscles and Mehndi

During pride, one of the things that is tradition for me is that I hire a mehndi artist and get my hands painted in time for the festivities.  Growing up, I was always so fascinated with the beauty of mehndi, but I could never even think of applying it on myself, because it was something that was only meant for girls.  I remember not wanting to not stop starting at my aunt’s hands after she got married.   When I moved to Toronto,  during my first pride I had an artist come over and had a mehndi party and it was the first time I got it done on my hands.   It was the most liberating experiences, and so every pride, it is tradition to get it done the Thursday before the big weekend. Wearing mehndi is one of the things I do during pride, that symbolizes the reconciliation of  my identities of being  gay and South Asian, as well as the contrast of the masculine and feminine elements that make me who I am.  I hope everyone enjoys their pride weekend, and remember to accessorize yourself with everything that makes you the beautiful person you are.