The focus isn’t his status

Thankfully, having a positive HIV status is no longer a death sentence.  The concern, unfortunately, today is stigma.  In order to help combat stigma, education about what it means to be HIV positive today, and what that means for transmission is extremely crucial.  I came across this article that listed 5 examples of which a… Read More ›

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Importance of Queer South Asian Spaces

I came across this article titled, “Some people are Gaysian – Get over it!” (From the UK – hence the Asian).  It spoke about the importance of having South Asian specific LGBT programming and support services.  Yes, there are a ton of main stream LGBT support spaces available to the public, and they offer invaluable… Read More ›

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Beyond Tops and Bottoms

I was speaking to someone the other day about a sexual encounter I had.  After going through some of the sordid details, they asked, “So did you have actual sex?”  I mean I knew what they meant, but I asked anyways, “What is actual sex? I mean we got naked and did stuff together that… Read More ›

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Muscles and Mehndi

During pride, one of the things that is tradition for me is that I hire a mehndi artist and get my hands painted in time for the festivities.  Growing up, I was always so fascinated with the beauty of mehndi, but I could never even think of applying it on myself, because it was something… Read More ›

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“high” school

With its many parties happening during pride weekend, many people will be indulging in a varitey substances when they head out.  The reasons could be because it helps them become less nervous and makes it easier to socialize, to dance, enjoy music  – whatever is that you do to have a good time. A substance… Read More ›

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Want a sexy body? Keep a healthy Mind.

Pride is around the corner and guys are in a frenzy at the gym to get their body “Pride ready”.   Whenever you make a decision to transform your body physically, its crucial that you are aware where you are at mentally.  This is especially important when you are planning to physically transform for a… Read More ›

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7 ways to safer sex

Today I came across this post today that talks about 7 ways to have safer sex and what I really liked about it, is that not only did it talk about just condoms listed as a method, but also strategies and methods that kept in mind the health and well-being of an HIV positive person,… Read More ›

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New to the Group?

When you are new to a city or country and you come alone, sometimes finding friends can be difficult.  You might find an event or social group where you can meet new guys, and walking into a room where you don’t know anyone can make anyone feel intimidated.  Especially with events such as our Pride… Read More ›

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3 years of Protect your love!

3 years ago today, ASAAP launched the “Protect Your Love’ video campaign.   With over 9,000 hits in the first 20 days, the campaign scoured the web like wildfire. The campaign focuses on South Asian men who love men with a message of safer sex framed in a way that clearly resonates with many. Interwoven… Read More ›

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Welcome to Pride Month! I came across this amazing article that was timely in that it talks about how lots of gay men feel like they don’t belong.   Its main take home message being that “you belong in the gay community just as you are”.  Read it here.  I want to take it a bit… Read More ›

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